Sports Photographer’s Log Jamaica vs Honduras World Cup Qualifier

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I photographed Jamaica’s final world cup qualifier football match recently, Jamaica vs Honduras. Though at that point qualifying was not an option for Jamaica anymore. That still didn’t mean that Jamaica wouldn’t go without a fight right? Thats what I what I thought for the entirety of 1 minute and approximately 40 seconds. That’s probably how long it took for the first honduran goal to be scored talk about crestfallen… a bad start.

TGP-jamaicavshonduras-20131015-diptic-2 TGP-jamaicavshonduras-20131015-diptic-3


Moments later it was the Jamaican’s who were cheering as an equalizer was delivered putting both teams at 1 goal each.


No on to something else that I figured out that really annoyed me. I’m also sure annoyed my co-worker and other sports shooters more than it did me. We’ve had to wire images back to the office for stories for the next day from the stadium on many occasions using the digicel data dongle. The digicel data dongle never works at the stadium and yesterday I finally got the reason why. I asked this guy that was there that worked for digicel to assist with the dongle. his response was use the wifi. What WiFI?? To my surprise digicel offered wireless internet for these events at the stadium for some time now, always there, always available and insanely fast!! The rage quickly filled up thinking about past experiences when working on the wire and being unable to transmit images to ftp for getty -___-. *bane voice: the rage rises* Also the data dongle doesn’t work because of the lowered level of the inside of the stadium. its actually below ground level which causes reception issues.

I photographed the football match with the D800 as my main camera. The fps isn’t as high as I would like but you get used to it eventually. ┬áIn dx crop mode I think I got a little bump in fps or maybe it was mentally. I was all the way at iso 4000 on the d800 which is still pretty clean for what the images will be used for. I also had the d300s sporting the tokina 11-16mm for some images of the teams exiting the lockers and heading to the field as well as some post match photos of the hondurans celebrating their victory and confirming their status as qualified for the 2014 world cup.


This moment i found extremely funny as was one of my favourites in the Jamaica vs Honduras Football match. Tuffy says to the honduran laying on the floor from a previous scuffle between the two. “Get up”. Honduran lays there in his “pain stricken” state. Tuffy lifts him up like a bag of feathers. Honduran’s facial expression is all “Ref!!!! you seeing this???”

TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-49 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-48 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-55 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-56 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-58 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-59 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-60 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-61 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-62 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-64 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-65 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-66 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-67 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-68 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-69 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-71 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-72 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-74 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-77

TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-79 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-80 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-83 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-84 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-85 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-86 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-87 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-89 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-91 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-92 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-93 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-94 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-95 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-96 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-97 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-98 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-99 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-100 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-107 TGP-Jamaicavshonduras-20131015-108

The Jamaica vs Honduras Match was a draw in the end at @ Goals each team but ultimately that was a win for Honduras as they advanced and qualified for the world cup.

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