Prepare your appetite Food Month Near

Food Month is a few weeks off and the preparation has already began. I’ve been tasked with shooting the entire feature, I guess going above and beyond in the previous Kingston Restaurant Week and Food Month feature’s didn’t go unrecognized. Typically I’d take a one light, maximum two light setup and be able to successfully light the plated meals for the featured restaurants. I’m not certain if I’ll change that aspect of things this year as its tried, and proven.

Here are some of my some of my favourite images from Restaurant week Features of the Past.


Mhmmmm Lobster…. Yum!!! Photographed at South Beach Cafe

Mhmmmmm Lobster. I feel true sorrow for they that suffer from sea food Allergies. Food month is not the time for any kind of food alergies.


Photographed at Terra Nova Hotel


Thats a wrap! A term I use a lot at the end of a photo shoot. but thats what I said when this yummy wrap was platted for me to photograph. Photographed at Muffin Top Cafe


Panini.. I always thought that was a funny word. Photographed at Muffin Top Cafe

A one light setup was employed here, used the Lumiquest SBIII and the SB-28dx pushed the light in really tight for a relatively wide and even spread and little to no fall off. The same was done for the wrap with minor changes in the angle of the light.


Photographed at Muffin Top Cafe


Mashed Potatoes Look Heavenly here, I unfortunately Cant recall what this was called. I think it’s Pork though. don’t be fooled I have locks but I will destroy any well made pork meal. Photographed at Hotel Four Seasons

I loved the specular highlights produced from the kicker light , helps with shaping the meal.


Miss Chin Sandwich. Photographed at Jo Jo’s Jerk Pit


Cant Go Wrong with Ribs. Photographed at Jo Jo’s Jerk Pit


Dragon Ball – Z. Sushi Done Differently. Photographed at Fuji Japan Express

This was one of my favourite plated meals that i photographed. the presentation though simple was interesting. I liked how they made sushi even more interesting than it already is. It was shaped differently than the conventional sushi rolls, I loved the leave shaped wasabi  and I loved the name of the meal; Dragon Ball РZ (Very fitting dont you think)




Photographed at Cuddy’s Sports Bar and Grill

Okay thats it for now, Stop drooling all over the computer screen and keyboard. Stay tuned for the upcoming promo features for Food month in the Jamaica Gleaner thursday food publication. Definitely look out for the Restaurant Week Feature and get out and get intouch with your inner foodie come november.

Author: Taylor

Award winning photojournalist specializing in lifestyle oriented assignments but not limited to that field. My other area of interest is sports and environmental portraiture I've photographed many fashion editorials for the Jamaica Gleaner's Flair Magazine among other photojournalism assignments for the gleaners daily publications ranging from sports, special features, food, lifestyle and Hard News. My inspirations come from photographers such as Joe McNally, Chase Jarvis, David Hobby, Annie Leibovitz, Jerry Ghionis, Joe Buissink among others. The long and short of it all though is I love taking photos and Making things look beautiful..

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  1. Besides the moire, I like the color balance of the first image.
    I’d challenge you to focus on complimentary colors this time around

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