On Assignment: The Flair Magazine Anniversary Swimsuit Photoshoot

swimsuit model

Swimsuit edition for the Jamaica Gleaner’s Flair Magazine

:) 😀 :'( :) :)

With that out the way, lets get into the meat of the matter. The assignment was an all day event started at about 10:00 am and ended at approximately 6:00 pm. I will state the obvious I was shooting models, show casing swimwear by various designers at the moment the only one I can remember is Minka (love her work).

I have not yet recieved my Softligher and Cybersync Triggers so I’m still on shoot through smith victor umbrella’s and poverty wizards.

Nikon D2h

and Keisha who had to deal with the heavy lightstand (to give me the positiong I required for my Lights, Without her non of those photos would be possible)

The Shoot

There were 4 Beautiful models and A whole lotta swimwear. keeping focused on this shoot was not an issue ( I jest it never is). The ladies knew what to do and needed little Artistic Direction So the shoot flowed very well so to speak.

I’ve posted my favored photo as a preview of what the output is like. Here I had the light overhead from left pushing light down on the subject. was at about 1/2 power distance doesn’t really count it was as close as it could be without being in the frame I love this shot the most because it reminds me of scorpion / subzero or reptile (i’m sure you recognize that pose if your gamer / geek of any kind)

Model: Debbie-Ann Willams
Makeup: Latoya Grindley
Photography: Gladstone Taylor

Here’s a link to all the photos published on the Jamaica-Gleaner.com

Author: Taylor

Award winning photojournalist specializing in lifestyle oriented assignments but not limited to that field. My other area of interest is sports and environmental portraiture I've photographed many fashion editorials for the Jamaica Gleaner's Flair Magazine among other photojournalism assignments for the gleaners daily publications ranging from sports, special features, food, lifestyle and Hard News. My inspirations come from photographers such as Joe McNally, Chase Jarvis, David Hobby, Annie Leibovitz, Jerry Ghionis, Joe Buissink among others. The long and short of it all though is I love taking photos and Making things look beautiful..

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  1. Yep 1 light and its at boon hall oasis. U sooo didn’t look at the print product

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  2. Great job on the entire shoot. And this shot really is a stunner. Good job buddy, good job.

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  3. I like, i would have used some fill (flash or reflector) in the front (positioned low) to bring back some details to the heavy shadow areas, and illuminate the eyes a little. ( you know digital renders those areas with the botchy brown specs). and maybe i wouldve used a light or two to separate her from the background and make her more 3d. but i like it otherwise.

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  4. Yea, i second the fill movement. but only had one light. so I had to make the best of that speedlight.

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  5. I like this photo for sure, the onelight set up does add some exotic mystery… Beautiful model in the middle of the dark jungle 😀 Re the fill lights, I agree, just slightly tho for me, on the torso and leg. A trick I will share in a similar lighting position, I had no fill light nor reflctors, but I grabbed some one wearing a white tshirt. Worked beautifully.

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  6. niiice, think i may just throw a white piece of cloth in the bag for future situation like this.

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  7. wow! awsome image. Fill would be good but this is a good simulation of realisim. She looks as If she is in a Real Jungle, not an organized shoot…

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