On Assignment: Roaming Donkey Jamaica

First thing no its not a donkey. Second It was fun Third props to @jamaicapegasus and @susiesbakery Third… ok I got nothing else.

The photoshoot was set to begin at 5:00pm to work with the Twilight into the night however @roamingdonkeyja Also known as Monique Powell was late so I had to alter my concepts a bit. which worked out fine anyway. The first location was @jamaicapegasus. The roof (top of the world) was perfect for what I had in mind.I found that i needed a stepladder to achieve a shot concept I really wanted but had to work around and come to a creative / cool looking compromise.@linkinmchenry was my trusty VAL.

We were using a 2 light setup for the most part 3 where needed (third added for fill). It was lots of laughter n goofing around but make no mistake we handled our business. @roamingdonkeyja was really happy with the results and I’m sure surprised her self by how cool the photos looked as she thought she wasn’t photogenic. fOR The shot I’m featuring in this post.

I had her close to the railing kinda comfortably leaning over there as you can see. had the photek softligher modifying an sb28 at about 1/4 power held overhead. at first that was the plan but i didn’t like how her hair / locks got gobbled up by the darkness as the light quickly fell off. So i grabbed an sb900 and another cybersync trigger ran all the way to the other end of the top of the world *lol* setup a lightstand and gelled the sb900 with a full CTO threw some light against the wall for separation and a warm look to balance off the white light I’m throwing on @roamingdonkey. The overall look She was most happy with :) . That was our last shot on the top of the world we then made haste to our second location @susiesbakery wher we did 3 quick shots got it right and had some amaaaaazing coffee n called it a night.

Great Shoot, Great Times. Next week wednesday I’ll be blogging about Erica’s Boudoir Photoshoot 😉 Stay tuned.

Author: Taylor

Award winning photojournalist specializing in lifestyle oriented assignments but not limited to that field. My other area of interest is sports and environmental portraiture I've photographed many fashion editorials for the Jamaica Gleaner's Flair Magazine among other photojournalism assignments for the gleaners daily publications ranging from sports, special features, food, lifestyle and Hard News. My inspirations come from photographers such as Joe McNally, Chase Jarvis, David Hobby, Annie Leibovitz, Jerry Ghionis, Joe Buissink among others. The long and short of it all though is I love taking photos and Making things look beautiful..

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