On Assignment: Jamaica Star Tabloid Sumfest Looks Poster Girl Photoshoot

On Wednesday July 7, 2010 I conducted a photo-shoot, Capturing a series of Glamor images for the Jamaica Star, to show the looks for each night of reggae sumfest; dancehall night, international night and so on. One of my favourite images from the shoot is seen to the left :) hope you like. the image ran on july 13, 2010 as the center spread for the jamaica star. I didn’t retouch at all, may do that when the time comes around. This weekend is out as i’m shooting a wedding in montego bay and will begin sorting n retouching on that on sunday. I posted the other images from the star sumfest “look” promo on my facebook page. feel free to take a look n don’t be shy of the like button if you think it looks good it. :)

Difficulties faced on this assignment

  • photoshoot took place when the sun was its meanest 12pm – 2pm so i was in constant search of shade and trying as best as possible to keep the sky out of my compositions. I pretty much had to max the shutter for all images, and work the aperature and light accordingly to expose at the luminance levels I wanted / needed

That was pretty much it in terms of problems faced. everything else i could have worked around.

Equipment Used:

  • nikon d2h :(
  • sb 28dx :)
  • cactus poverty wizards :(
  • smith victor lightstand and shoot through umbrella :)

as you can see i got a bitter sweet equipment list for the assignment. however could you tell that i was using a 10 year old dslr?? could you also tell that i did no retouching to the subject at all?? I’m just curious . Is there anything you think i could have applied in camera to get a better result lemme know what you thinking hit me up in the comments with your answers

p.s Yes my name is spelt wrong :( Gladestone.. dunno where that came from but hopefully it wont happen again.

Author: Taylor

Award winning photojournalist specializing in lifestyle oriented assignments but not limited to that field. My other area of interest is sports and environmental portraiture I've photographed many fashion editorials for the Jamaica Gleaner's Flair Magazine among other photojournalism assignments for the gleaners daily publications ranging from sports, special features, food, lifestyle and Hard News. My inspirations come from photographers such as Joe McNally, Chase Jarvis, David Hobby, Annie Leibovitz, Jerry Ghionis, Joe Buissink among others. The long and short of it all though is I love taking photos and Making things look beautiful..

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  1. Seems fine to me..

    But a cure for the midday sun would be a dark enough ND filter + your lighting.

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  2. The photos look good to me. As said before the only problem I have it the harsh light of the mid day sun and the blown out areas. If you can’t avoid shooting atthat time of the day then as Gio said a ND filter should correct that.

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  3. you need lights with more power to kill the sun! i dont find the lighting harsh at all. only a little overexposure on the chair legs. and if you shot in raw, you should be able to clear that up easily. cant tell that the cam is aged, subject looks retouched and that is good considering you didnt

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  4. cant shoot raw though.. not in their ancient work flow.. :(

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  5. I too think the photo is fine interms of lighting. She was shot in the shadows, not affected much by the midday sun perse. I wonder how it would look if you had cut a stop or drop the ISO one below, but it’s fine. My personal peeves are the palms at the back may be bit busy, and now the position of post production graphics, which is not your fault.

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