Photographing Horse racing at caymanas park

Its been quite some time since I”ve covered horse racing but like most things it was like riding a bicycle so to speak picked up right where I left off which was a boring place. I decided to make it interesting by adding a remote camera into the mix. I setup a d300s with a pocket wizard using the 10pin remote release cable. With the help of a Joby Gorrilla Pod I mounted the camera to the post on the railings on the inner ring of the track. This allowed me to get images from an angle that I’m not allowed to be during a race.

I was all set I thought, D800 in crop mode for the races from my side, remote d300s with 11mm wide angle for the finish line from an interesting comes the proverbial stick in the bicycle spokes I talked about earlier. apparently my 10pin connector cable is defective, for some reason it just wasn’t doing what it was supposed to consistently. The remote camera would trigger when I’m close but as the range increased it became inconsistent and eventually just stopped. As a result I didn’t get many keepers from todays races here are the semi Interesting ones.

It seems I”ll have to do some more investigating as to whats wrong with the cables, may end up having to replace em luckily they aren’t terribly expensive. You can check out the nikon 10pin connector  here . Ensure you get the right one for your camera, I’ve also got the MC-DC2 version for the d7000 I’m really hoping that one isn’t defective as well. with the exception of the remote camera the other images from the d800 came out fine as expected, I stayed in aperture priority for the most part as the light was pretty good. AF-C 5/6fps keep things in the dx crop box and all was fine. Any questions leave it in the comments below.


Got home did some tests with a few different camera bodies see tabs A through C below.

D300S as remote with D2h as trigger = 8 FPS* || D2h as Remote with D300s as trigger = 8 FPS
D7000 as remote with D300s as trigger = 6 FPS || D300S as remote with D7000 as trigger = 6 FPS
D800 as remote with D300s as Trigger = 5/6 FPS* || D300S as Remote with D800 as Trigger = 5/6 FPS

Now what did I learn

  • The Triggers work and the Cables seem to be absolutely fine, Both the 10 pin remote release connector and the MC-DC2
  • The slowest camera in the remote setup will be the maximum FPS possible for both a bottle neck of sors
  • last but not least god do i love the sound of a high FPS burst

The asterisk from the tabs were in relation to the following facts:

  • The D300S only gives  you 8 FPS when equipped with the MB-D10 while it gives 7 FPS without
  • The D800 produces 5/6 FPS when in dx mode and equipped with the MB-D12 while it gives 4 FPS without


With the discovery that the cables were not the issue I started checking the regular spots for similar situations like i experienced with the unreliable triggering of pocket wizards remote shutter release setups. I think i struck gold over by baseball veteran photographer Brad Mangin’s community called sports shooter. Where a poster shares his experience which was somewhat similar to mine yesterday. It seems that I may need to take a look at a set of pocket wizard multimax triggers to cut down the interference issues and also up my range capabilities.

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