Football smacks remote camera over

the #schoolboyfootball season presses on and I’m still working on getting that Kickass remote camera image that looks hella interesting to the point that It can’t be overlooked by the sports editor. Unfortunately it still hasn’t happened as yet. The last game I covered I tried toying around with the angles a bit. Instead of putting it dead center behind the goal keeper as I’ve always done in the past i angled it from the right and it made the Image a bit more interesting.


During Half time the Ball Boys for the game were playing around shooting penalty kicks and trying to save em. I made a few images out of that and got what I’m hoping to get out of the actual game well either a save attempt or an epic goal. Lady luck hasn’t graced me with the right moment just yet though. I suspect later in the season I’ll get my image though.



Below we have the beginning of one of the most hilarious things I ever saw happened at a football match while shooting remotely and also explains why i’m way more comfortable using the D2h as my remote camera. A goal attempt was made by Spanish Town high school, The Kingston College goal keeper jumps to ensure he’s in the clear incase the ball dips.. it goes over the goal post wind picks up ball curves and smacks the D2h over I was concerned but still couldn’t help laughing.


Here you see the d2h getting smacked over by the football. the ball must of hit the test button on the wizard or maybe the shutter button on the D2h body. It was absolutely fine though and continued to operate at 100% functionality throughout the rest of the game. That body is a solid one and made for abuse. Another thing of note when the light is right (bright and sunny) I don’t have that many concerns about image quality. once I nail the exposure of come really close to it all is well Also I get to shoot in raw with the d2h as the fps isn’t compromised due to the file size being about 3mb in raw anyway :)


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