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Photographing food seems to be something I’m instinctively good at now. I’ve learnt how to assess the light and determine weather I wanna use natural light or throw artificial light at it as key light and balance with ambient or just  completely ignore the ambient and be the god of the set “let there be light where i want it how i want it when want it”.

This food feature was on a restaurant that I personally loooove. Di Grill Shack Originally located in sovereign
centre food court. However this feature was on their new location at CPJ market along lady musgrave road. The new location lends it self to a dining experience something that wasn’t available at their initial offering at sovereign

The menu has grown as well to reflect the new ambiance more “mature dishes” that would take more time to eat more time to savour and enjoy so to speak. Pasta’s, Steak, Pork chops to name a few of the new items.

Lets feast our eyes shall we :).


First we have the Pork Chops. One large light source Camera left ambient light pretty much ignored at 1/250th, f/4, iso 200 at 50mm focal length on the nikon 24-120 mounted on a d800


Steak!!! Who doesn’t love steak with a side of mashed potatoes 😀 makes me hungry just looking at the image. For this one the lighting setup is pretty much the same but the exposure was changed drastically. the exposure was 1/5oth at f/4.5, ISO 200. I wanted to bleed in as much light as I could without over exposure issues.






Pull Pork Burger and Fries!!


The last two images pretty much followed the same exposure settings as the second low shutter speed to bleed in ambient light.

The images were Features on todays food sections front page above the fold. I think it was very well ladyed out.. it definitely makes one hungry!


Until next time.

Author: Taylor

Award winning photojournalist specializing in lifestyle oriented assignments but not limited to that field. My other area of interest is sports and environmental portraiture I've photographed many fashion editorials for the Jamaica Gleaner's Flair Magazine among other photojournalism assignments for the gleaners daily publications ranging from sports, special features, food, lifestyle and Hard News. My inspirations come from photographers such as Joe McNally, Chase Jarvis, David Hobby, Annie Leibovitz, Jerry Ghionis, Joe Buissink among others. The long and short of it all though is I love taking photos and Making things look beautiful..

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  1. Hello G.Taylor, I really like your blog as I find it fun read and see captures from these shoots, yet I know a lot of hard work must be done to create such wonderful images. I am interested in gaining knowledge of light setups and I would appreciate if you could you tutor me on basic light setups or have me as an assistant to learn more from you if possible.

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    • Hello James, Sorry for the supremely delayed response, with my personal projects it may be possible however the bulk of my assignments are done for the newspaper I work for and there are confidentiality issues so That wouldn’t be possible for the majority of the assignments that I undertake.

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