On Assignment: Fashion Photoshoot at Ignite

Typically I’d have pre blogged this and then publish on the day the paper was published which was last week monday but I’ve been super busy lately. worked 2 weeks straight without a day off or break. and then on the three day weekend break I had private jobs on each day so there was no resting. I’m basically saying apologies for the delays -_-.

I worked with ignite a few weeks ago doing a male spread featuring colourful and fashionable piece clothing. this shoot was the follow up, which was basically the female version of the same concept. there were two gorgeous models and about 3 looks each. Make up wizardry was done by the infamous Paul March.

The biggest challenge with the location which was the store located at village plaza beside my fav. coffee house in kingston “rituals” :)… um where was I.. Challenge; right. the challenge was reflections.. there were mirrors every where I think theres an image that i couldn’t do anything about it so there’s my umbrella soft-box staring you right in the face -___- * embarrassing*. With the exception of the reflections though and figuring out the best angle to light from for good looking light as well as no reflection of the light source it was a typical run of the mill photo-shoot. here are 3 photos from the fashion photo-shoot.

I was really feeling this sexy librarian / teacher look for this image.

This was the only image with both of em, it wasn’t used in the center spread though.

I liked that i got some reflection fromt his last shot.

and there you have it ladies and gentlemen :) i didn’t delve into flash power and lighting ratios because this was about a week ago and while i still remember to some extent i honestly dont think its really that important for this shoot, as i said it was pretty run of the mill. I saw the owner of ignite on friday after finishing up a private job for a client (was heading to rituals to have coffee and process). She absolutely loved the outcome of the shoot, so all in all everyone was happy.

For the behind the scenes photos from the shoot and some snapshots of the center spread from the flair magazine checkout my google+ profile here

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