Dwayne and Wendy’s Wedding in Kingston Jamaica

Mr and Mrs Dwayne and Wendy Lyons. The two were referred by a previous client for whom I also provided wedding photography services. The wedding day as almost all weddings was on a saturday as usual, the weather was great there was absolutely no problems on the horizon, take that Murphy’s law. There was some delay with the bride preparation but what wedding takes place without that hint of time crunch prior to the ceremony.

The Preparation took place at the Jamaica Pegasus and my usual second shooter had just left the island on a cruise ship so I was shooting solo (couldn’t commit to a second shooter to replace him). There was a lot of back and forward as the bride and groom were on different floors however I got it all, not one pertinent piece of the preparation was missing :).

Here are some Images from the wedding in kingston, Enjoy :)

TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-012 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-006 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-015 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-028 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-040 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-021 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-044 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-048 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-053 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-030 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-061 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-057 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-086 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-089 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-075 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-070 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-103 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-121 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-119 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-114 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-123 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-189 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-198 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-200 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-228 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-238 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-286 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-294 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-301 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-305 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-307 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-366 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-389 TGP-Wendy-Dwayne-Wedding-20121215-431


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